Bridges Awards is a new Awards Program within the “Knowledge and Partnership Bridges” Initiative. Aiming to reward and promote partnership and cooperation by granting cash prizes it focuses on the strengthening of cooperation between Greeks wherever in the world they may reside. The Program also aims at the development of financial and social developments, concerning new collaborations, joint actions in European mobility programmes, creation of products or services, technology and knowledge transfer, evolution of soft skills and further education of its members and halting the brain drain phenomenon.

To communicate with Greek researchers, professionals and businessmen all over the world, find new partnerships, exchange ideas, apply new skillsets and make the most of upcoming partnerships.

No, participation is open without any fee..

    The Bridges Awards include two prize categories:

  • The«Bridges for Scientific Networks» category is addressed to a single scientific network or scientific networks in collaboration which fulfill the criteria described in the call of interest.

  • The «Bridges for Business Partnerships» category is addressed to natural persons or legal entities who develop a product or service in Greece or in Greece and abroad.

You may find detailed information about the «Criteria» at the respective page of the website or at the respective calls of interest for: «Bridges for Scientific Networks» και «Bridges for Business Partnerships»

No, all complementary documentation will be e-submitted at the appropriate sections as digital records where the e-application permits.

Yes you can as long as you have logged in and acquired a username and a password.

You will receive an email that your application has been successfully submitted.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, September 16th 2019, 17:00 (EEST).

Yes. There are three stages of evaluation detailed in the section «Criteria» of the Awards Program site.

The date of the ceremony for awarding the prizes will be announced at awards.knowledgebridges.gr. timely.

Yes. The presence of at least one person representing the network(s) or partnership(s) is a mandatory for the winners at the Awards Ceremony. The person(s) present will also be the recipients of the prizes and distinctions.

The travel, accommodation and local transport expenses of representatives of winning proposals participating in the award ceremony will be covered by the Program for up to one thousand five hundred euro (1,500/per network) including taxes etc., on production of all relevant receipts and vouchers.

You can address your emails at awards@knowledgebridges.gr or call us at,,